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Palouse Doula Collective (PDC) does not endorse or recommend providers. It is meant to be an informational resource of local providers in the Palouse-Valley community. PDC does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of credentials, including (but not limited to) certifications, licenses, or training of listed providers. There are a variety of philosophies and practices listed on the PDC Directory, and PDC encourages consumers to pursue care that supports their personal philosophies.


The Nest Birth and Wellness

Home-birth and birth center team of midwives and alternative healthcare providers.

Susan Struble, CPM

Homebirth Midwife

(208) 310-3382

Motherwise Midwifery

Nancy Drazin, CPM, LM; Home Birth Midwife


Nancy Drazin, CPM, LM is the longest practicing midwife in the region. Motherwise Midwifery provides one-on-one comprehensive prenatal, birth, and postpartum care in clients' homes. We are delighted to offer water birth and VBAC.

Eden a Midwifery Practice

Ivy Warwick, CPM, LM

We provide prenatal, home birth and postpartum services. Serving: Clarkston, Lewiston, Pullman, Moscow,Graingville 

Mountian Midwifery

Machelle Peterson, CNM, Home birth Nurse-Midwife


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OB-GYN and Family Medicine Doctors:


Direct Care Model. Family Medicine MD. 

Story Family Medicine

Team of Family Med. Doctors. Direct Care Model. 

Moscow/Pullman OBGYN

Team of board certified OB-GYNs. Privileges in both Moscow and Pullman hospitals. 

Palouse Medical 

Team of Family Medicine Doctors with OB certifications. 

Pullman Family Medicine

Team of Family Medicine Doctors with OB certifications. 

Moscow Family Medicine

Team of Family Medicine Doctors with OB certifications. 

Valley Medical Center

Team of Family Medicine Doctors with OB certifications. Privileges in Lewiston and/or Clarkston Hospitals.


Palouse Pediactrics

Team of pediatricians practicing in both Moscow and Pullman.

Full of Life Holistics

Dr. Kelly Haase, ND

(208) 596-1105

Naturopathic doctor also trained in applied kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, NET and flower essences.

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