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For Doulas

The heart of Palouse Doula Collective is caring support.  We want to support each other, as we all know this profession can be as exhausting as it is rewarding.  We want to be available to you to provide a safe space to talk about your births and give the emotional support you need - to fill your cup again so you can continue to serve your clients with enthusiasm.  We also hope to provide extensive resources for backups so that both you and your clients are cared for when life is unpredictable.

We also desire to cultivate a collaborative, caring relationship with the local health care community, letting them know that we view our role as partnering with them to provide the care their patients deserve as they navigate the birth journey.  Plus, we like to spoil the staff a little with a few special surprise goodie baskets throughout the year.

Our last goal is to support families by helping parents in our community with informed care, providing evidence based information when they need it, and a hand on their shoulder with the encouraging words, “You have got this…. I am right here with you”.  By doing this, we hope to transform our world, one family at a time. We would to have you join us! 

With love and care,

The Palouse Doula Collective
Ruth Krause, Jessica Smith, and Lisa Viehouser
Steering Committee

If you are a doula interested in joining the collective, please reach out below so we can contact you about further steps.

Doula Application 

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