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Crisis Resources & Community Action


PAs a community resource, the Palouse Doula Collective (PDC)  organization, does not endorse or recommend providers. PDC can not validate accuracy of credentials including certifications, licenses, or trainings of listed businesses and providers.  Each care provider, business, and practices have a wide range of philosophies and PCD encourages every consumer to explore care from providers/businesses that support your personal philosophies. 

             Call/Text 1-888-404-7763

  • 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline:


Emergency Domestic Violence and Abuse Shelters

(509) 332-0552


Hotline: (208) 883-4375

For women and children: help for abuse, addictions, neglect, and homelessness

(509) 353-8510

Domestic Abuse Recovery, Healthy Relationship Support, Sexual Assault Recovery

(208) 882-2370

Community Action Center (Pullman)

(509) 334-9147

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

(208) 882-0670

Washington Department of Social and Health Services

(800) 737-0617

Pullman Child Welfare

(509) 338-0801

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse


(877) 334-2887


(208) 883-4357

or (509)-332-4357

Washington and Idaho WIC 

Idaho Supplemental Food for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

(208) 882-7506


Washington Department of Health (WIC)

(509) 397-4622

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