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Our Mission

We are a community resource connecting parents in the Palouse to birth and postpartum doulas, evidence-based information, and other care resources for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. Doula in Greek means "a woman who serves", and that is our goal - collaborating with parents and health professionals to holistically support our community

Proud Parents

This group started as a conversation between ViviAnne Fischer, midwife, and Ruth Krause, doula, about a group of doulas in the past who had formed a collective in the Palouse area, and the need for one today.  Ruth got in touch with Jessica Smith and Lisa Viehouser, local doulas, and we found we shared the same goals of supporting each other as doulas, the community around us, and local health care providers and hospital staff.  After meetings, research and sharing our hearts, mission statement revisions, and so on, the Palouse Doula Collective was born.  It was a well supported  labor.

If you are a doula interested in joining us and our mission find info here. If you are an expecting parent and looking for a doula find them here. Needing financial assistance from our doulas and providers care find that here. 

Wanting to donate to our doula scholarship 

Our Story

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