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Sleep Coaching & Parenting Classes


As a community resource, the Palouse Doula Collective (PDC)  organization, does not endorse or recommend providers. PDC can not validate accuracy of credentials including certifications, licenses, or trainings of listed businesses and providers.  Each care provider, business, and practices have a wide range of philosophies and PCD encourages every consumer to explore care from providers/businesses that support your personal philosophies. 

 Kristine Petterson

Mindful Parenting Courses and Sleep Coaching

Little Farm Montessori

Calli Stipe, Montessori Educator offering parent courses for home Montessori birth-toddler and parent/child play group locally. 

Palouse Care Network

Palouse Care Network - Classes on parenting infants, toddlers, and older children

Marimn Health - Coeur D'alene Tribe of Indians

Breastfeeding support and infant care classes
(208) 686-1931

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