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Breastfeeding Support, Lactation Consultants, and Milk Banking


As a community resource, the Palouse Doula Collective (PDC)  organization, does not endorse or recommend providers. PDC can not validate accuracy of credentials including certifications, licenses, or trainings of listed businesses and providers.  Each care provider, business, and practices have a wide range of philosophies and PCD encourages every consumer to explore care from providers/businesses that support your personal philosophies. 

Blomma Momma

Jessica Smith, LPN, IBCLC Candidate, Doula 

Holistic Lactation and Doula Support

Offering in-home and virtual lactation visits and birth/postpartum doula services and prenatal education.

Gritman Family Birth Center

Christina Pace, IBCLC, RN

Lisa Schacher, IBCLC, RN

Pullman Regional Hospital Birthplace

Laura Keogh, IBCLC, RN

Kelsey Aufman, IBCLC, RN

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

Linda Rosetti, RN, BSN, ACCE, IBCLC

The Nest Birth and Wellness

Tina Gearhart, CNM, IBCLC

Jessica Smith, LPN, IBCLC, CD

Molly Gunsaulis, D.D.S. 

Pediatric Dentist specializing in tongue tie revisions and diagnoses. Spokane, WA

Christensen Orthodontics 

Bret Christensen, D.D.S.

Tongue tie revisions and diagnoses

Lewiston, ID

Breastfeeding Support Group

Laura Keogh, IBCLC

Pullman Regional Hospital, Birthplace

(509) 336-7401

La Leche League of the Palouse (Breastfeeding Support Group)

Zoom Meetings
1st Monday of the month - 5:30pm
3rd Wednesday of the month - 10:00am

NW Mother's Milk Bank

-Milk Drop point Pullman Regional Hospital, Pullman, WA. Call ahead for drop times.

(509) 336-7401

Informal Milk Sharing

Facebook: Human Milk for Human Babies Idaho , or Washington 

Milk Banking and Informal Milk Sharing

Breastfeeding Support Groups 

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